School Principal Message

It is really a matter of pride to place this issue of the Vidyalaya magazine in your hands. This effort of the budding progeny is a result of their innate urge to excel and let their creativity bloom. We here, are the caretakers of the tiny seeds of future which need the soil of opportunities, water of guidance and inspiration, air of love and care and nutrients of knowledge to flourish and spread the aura of peace and prosperity not only around themselves but throughout the world.

The Vidyalaya strives to cater to all the round requirement of the students, be it academic, social physical or aesthetic.

I express my appreciation for all my staff members to have contributed to give a practical shape to this bunch of ideas. I hope the tiny pen of today makes its presence felt globally and brings laurels to the Vidyalaya and our nation.

I am highly obliged to my higher authorities for providing me this opportunity to lead a team of dedicated teachers and inquisitive learners.

I assure all, That this Vidyalaya will hold high the esteem it is comprised of and work untiring to achieve that is the dream of excellence’.

They build too low
Who bulid beneath the skies
Sky is the limit and we’ll try to scale it

Happy Reading
Jai Hind.